Comprehensive Wound Care, LLC

Wound Healing 101

or perhaps Why Wounds Don't Heal

A complete assessment of a wound is the initial step to wound healing.  That assessment can be over simplified into four basic categories as to why a wound is not healing:

  1. Blood flow into the wound
  2. Blood and lymphatic flow out of the wound
  3. The wound bed conditions
  4. The patient's overall health

There are new and exciting treatments that can be used for each of the aspects of wound healing.  Surprisingly, many are cost-effective.  Others are wasteful if all of the aspects of wound healing have not been fully addressed.  We used the word "comprehensive" in our practice name for a reason.  Often wounds that have not healed have had one of the basic categories overlooked. We believe in using cost-effective technology to optimize all aspects of healing.  Our results show us our approach is working.